100% Afghan Made

100% Afghan MadeOur Kabul factory is proudly manufacturing Starlight Solar Stoves.  From pressing the parabolic panels to carefully crafting the stove’s stands, we are proud to be producing this 100% Afghan made product.

We have recently improved our reflective surface, with it now reflecting up to 95% of the sun’s rays. This then means more energy to cook with and therefore greater savings for you, our valued customers!

Echoing Green Semifinalist 2012Earlier this year we were proud to be chosen as a 2012 Echoing Green Fellowship Semifinalist.  Out of a record 3580 applications, our socially minded Afghan owned business, with its Starlight Solar Stove, was selected within the top 350.  View some of the other creative semifinalists here.

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Introducing Afghan Starlight Solar Stoves

Parabolic Solar CookersWelcome to the Afghan Starlight Solar Stove web log.  Starlight Solar Stoves can save you up to 70% of your gas bill, with no harmful emissions for a greener, healthier Afghanistan. Visit us regularly to stay informed with the latest Starlight news.

Starlight Solar Stoves are proudly manufactured in Kabul, Afghanistan by the Afghan Shams Solar Energy Company.

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