Renewable Energy Workshop and Exhibition

It is over a year since we introduced a new and improved powder coated surface to our products. Afghan Starlight Solar Stoves are all power-coated at our Kabul factory to provide a long lasting, scratch resistant surface.

Mirror Mosaic

We continue to improve on our stove reflective surfaces, trialling 90%, 95% and 98% reflective tapes. We have also started to manufacture our stoves with the choice of a mirror mosaic reflective surface. Now you have a choice between our lightweight design or our high reflective mirror line, with a greater weather resistance.  All Afghan Starlight Solar Stoves surfaces are covered by a year’s replacement guarantee.  Afghan made, means you have peace of mind knowing that your stove can be maintained for a longer and more productive life.

NEWS (Sept. 2014): The Renewable Energy Department (RED) of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) is organising the Renewable Energy Workshop and Exhibition this month. We are proud to be demonstrating our Afghan Starlight Solar Stoves and hygienic solar food dehydrator.

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