Starlight Products

Our Kabul team continues to develop a range of solar products to empower Afghans for living free. Below is a list of our current products.  This list will be updated as new product lines are developed.

Parabolic Solar Stove

Parabolic Solar CookersOur core product is the Starlight 1.5m parabolic solar stove.  In ideal conditions, it has the capability of boiling 5 litres of water in 20 mins.  It consists of a stand and six reflective panels, which enables easy transportation and comes with instructions for easy assembly.

Download Stove_Assembly_Instructions (April 2003)

Assorted Cookware

Blackened CookwareTo get the best performance from your Starlight solar stove, use black cookware.  You can purchase a variety of blackened cookware, from pressure cookers through to kettles.


2 Responses to Starlight Products

  1. Abdul Rauf says:

    Pls give a quotation for a single unit of your lightest and cheapest model. I am planning to give it to the poor. Hopefully yours is cheaper than the Indian or Chinese. Tq.

  2. Jamal Siddiqui says:

    Kindly quote price for the solar stove. We are in Lahore Pakistan and want to do steam generation.

    Best regards

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