Starlight Contacts

For product information and prices please contact us via email or phone.



1 Response to Starlight Contacts

  1. Timm Sweeney says:

    Dealer Wanted
    We are contacting organizations such as yours to determine your interest in selling our product. We currently supply military, NGO and sport sectors with UtilityFlame. If you would be so kind as to review our website and determine if there is an opportunity to sell this product.

    Best regards,

    Timm Sweeney

    Utility Flame International Sales
    c/o SIL Group
    Dominion Towers
    600 17th Street
    Suite 2800 South
    Denver, Colorado 80202 USA
    Tel: +1 720 437 8869
    Mobile: + 1 561 414 3120
    Skype: + 1 561 288 5310


    Corporate Registration: Delaware. Registered Agent: The Incorporators Ltd., 12 Timber Creek Lane, Newark, DE 19711 USA. Tel: (302) 737-6260. Tax ID: 11-2699946

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